Firefox developer has been continuously upgrading its web browser with useful add-ons targeted for greater user experience. As part of the effort, it has recently released a new add-on named as VideoSurf that allows users to preview any video links on website before clicking on it to prevent unnecessary links activation.

The add-on is specifically useful for those that always wonder what are the video contents embedded in website and without the need to click on any of them, users can get the quick glance of all without being tricked to go to some false video website links intentionally. Like usual, users can get a free download here and before it is ready for use, it requires web browser restart to activate the add-on function.

Once completed the installation, just launch and browse the website as normal and you may notice the difference as you can now view the content in thumbnail once you go to the link. If you decide to disable or uninstall it anytime, just go to Tool, Adds-On, and select the respective Adds-on to disable or uninstall it. Anyway, you may have no reason why you need to uninstall it since the tiny adds-on is quite useful for effective browsing activities regardless if you are doing Google search, Twitter search, Youtube, FriendFeed and many more.