One of the leading developers and publishers of high quality mobile 3D games, FISHLABS has launched its multi-award-winning Powerboat Challenge water racing game for Apple iPhone, aiming to offer an even better full-throttle experience with fast powerboats, cool dudes, hot babes and cheeky comments.

According to the company, “The new version is uncompromising in terms of sound and graphics and uses the unbelievable computing power and enormous display of the iPhone to the full: four times higher texture resolutionand three times as many polygons than in the Java version make every detail crystal clear, accompanied by impressive realsound.”

“The iPhone is the perfect gaming phone! Thanks to its computing power, enormous display, immense memory, and the sound options, our 3D games have plenty to work with,” said Michael Schade, CEO of FISHLABS. “The Apple App Store, with its attractive business model and the ability to actively market our games ourselves, make the iPhone a platform worth focusing on innovation and quality!”