Sometimes, the beautiful, elegant, high resolution animated and dynamic Windows 7 boot screen UI may be changed to or replaced with Windows Vista boot screen, normally when user adds a Windows 7 entry in boot menu or accidentally when user attempts to repair the startup menu items with Windows Vista DVD, specifically Startup Repair. Windows Vista boot screen is a boring black background with low resolution green running progress bar.

The invalid and wrong boot screen for Windows 7 is due to missing locale entry in boot record, which failed to be set when editing or rebuilding the BCD. When locale is not found, Windows boot loader does not know which boot locale folder to look for the animated bootscreen. Thus, in order to fix the boot screen so that the boot screen can be reverted, restored or reseted back to original animated Windows 7 boot screen, just run one of the following commands in elevated command prompt with administrator rights:

bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US


bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US

Change the en-US to the language version of the installed Windows 7, such as ja-JP, de-DE, es-ES, pt-BR, zh-CN, zh-TW, fr-FR, fi-FI and etc.

Restart the computer after running the command to see the new boot UI (user interface) be used again. To check if the locale setting has been entered properly, just run the bceedit command in command prompt that runs as administrator.

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  • Mohammad Abbas Hayat

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  • Mohammad Abbas Hayat

    A Easier Way Is To Buy A Windows Installation Disk. Restart Your Computer, When Cd Load Screen Comes, Press Any Button To Continue, Choose Your Language, Then Don’t Click “Install Now”, At The Bottom Left Side There Will Be Two Options, One Of Them Will Be “Repair My Computer” Click That, Once The Next Window Opens, Choose The First Option, And Highlight The Windows Which You Want To Fix, If Windows Is Already Fixed, It Will Run A Scan Automatically, And Another Window Will Come Up And Will Have Two Options, “Repair And Restart” And The Other Options Will Be “No”. Choose “Repair And Restart” And Wait For It To Restart, Don’t Press Any Button This Time, And Voila You Have Your Old And Cool Boot Animation For Windows 7.

  • TheBest7

    To everyone who hasn't had any success, remember that you MUST have a screen resolution bigger than or equal to 1024×768. If it's smaller, like 1024×600, you're DOOMED to the old Vista style bootscreen. (This is just what I discovered, it may be wrong).

    • Stormprobe

      Thanks for the information, TheBest7. I have a NetBook running at 1024×600, so this now makes sense why I’m not getting the Win7 logo.

  • Tage

    You crashed my computer.

    now i get error

    something with windowssystem32winboot.exe

    and signature

    so the only thing i can do is try to repair it with ubuntu

    because WINDOWS 7 WON'T START!

    • Tage

      *EDIT* Not winboot.exe it's winload.exe

      • Tage

        *EDIT* Fixed. just used another computer running windows 7 64 bit

        and made a recovery disk, then used the startup repair.

  • Matt

    I have a Samsung NC10 and nothing is working. I even replaced all the file from the same installation on my VMWare Workstations system and it still isn't changing back to the Windows 7 boot animations. Can anyone help me out?

  • Eleint

    I see this is an old topic, but in case anyone else stumbles across it with the same issue as Micah and I:

    If, after running the command(s) the OP listed, you get an option between your new Windows 7 boot configuration, and the previous defaulted configuration – labelled Windows Vista ™ Business Recovered – all you need to do is delete the old entry from the bcdedit table.

    You can do this from the same administrator privileged command prompt. Type bcdedit to return the full table of boot configurations. Note the value for "identifier" of the "boot loader" you wish to delete. (This should look like {6abd21afa-f2e6-11db-868a-d1f6649ce9c4}). And then type the command "bcdedit /delete {6abd21afa-f2e6-11db-868a-d1f6649ce9c4}" (with curly braces, without quotations!), and you're done.

  • Matt

    I can't boot my Windows after reboot, can some one help me?

  • Galioullin Rouslan


    + if you have current version showed at the desktop

    you must enter this commands :

    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF


    ( if the first don't work )

    bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON

    Thank You A Lot For Your Support .

    The Best Regards

  • mohfreestyl

    thank' thank' oooh thank's

    i want to cray

    it's worked great

    thank's again ^_^

  • Joe

    This worked great! I was wondering what happened to my boot screen when I had switched to a 500gb hard drive on my MacBook pro with winclone and bootcamp. The "bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US" in Administrator CMD prompt fixed my problem. I really appreciate the hard work people do to find the fixes to these little annoyances. Thank you to the finder of this fix.

  • Morten

    hehe now that you know how to get the origional boot back, can you then tell me how to make a costum 😀

  • Steef

    Finaly my stupid vista boot logo disapeared, and the Windows 7 boot logo is back.

    I Solved the problem!!!!!!!!!!!

    bcdedit /set {current} locale en-US

    NOT WORKING (for me)

    bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US

    NOT WOKING (for me)

    Formatting harddisk and reinstall Windows 7 ten times NOT WORKING (I HATE VISTA BOOT LOGO)

    BIOS UPDATE = SOLVED MY PROBLEM (Windows seven boot logo = hot!!) WORKING !!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Rightt About the Microsoft minimum res thingy for the animate .. I get the 7 logo thingy and i at 1920×1080 It boots up as that aswell… but that is just odd cuz earlier My Pc loaded Windows vista Basic out of nowhere… -.- impossible it may seem but me and my brother saw it and i shown my father ( IT Specilist ) and he agrees that it was vista basic ….

  • Micah

    It kind of worked for me, but now when I boot it asks me if I want to boot into Windows 7 or Windows Vista Business (recovered). I never installed Vista on this machine. Ever. Once I select Windows 7 the animation is back.

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  • Upendra

    thanks for the help, this command –

    bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US worked for me-

    one does the windows flash logo that come stays blurred or it become clear, for it is like shinning star which i cannot see clearly.

    my lappy screen resolution is 1280 X 800, is it right.

  • cypherx

    Ok I did the bcdboot command you listed and that fixed the animation. BUT now Windows 7 says it's "Not Genuine" WTF? This is bullshit.

    All I did was move windows from a 320GB EIDE hard drive to a 500GB SATA, and used EasyBCD 1.72 to get the boot files moved over. (Since the original drive had C: Windows 7 OS , D: Windows XP & BOOT) and moved the install to a new drive thats only ONE partition (System and boot on same partition now).

  • SUPERMario

    The OP might want to consider adding the following points as well in order to repair the W7 boot logo;

    – Make sure inside the BOOT folder of your boot drive there exists a folder called FONTS. A .ttf font file called WGL4_BOOT.TTF must be found in there (as a min requirement).

    – In the event that your default W7 locale is anything other than en-US, then also be sure to have your corresponding locale folder (e.g. ko-KR) in the BOOT folder. In your corresponding locale folder, a matching BOOTMGR.EXE.MUI file must also be found. Same goes for the contents of the FONTS folder. Make sure you have placed the corresponding .ttf font file in there for the following locale languages: Simplified Chineese (CHS_BOOT.ttf), Traditional Chineese (CHT_BOOT.ttf), Japaneese (JPN_BOOT.ttf) and Korean (KOR_BOOT.ttf).

    These instructions might particularly be useful for people creating their W7 Startup Repair Boot CD. By default W7 will not copy the font files to your CD in order to save space on the CD. Therefore you get the Vista boot loader screen instead of the W7 logo.



  • Abe

    This fif not work for me i have a net book i am trying to change the screen resulution iw ill see if that works

  • Michael

    I use WinClone on my Macbook Pro to backup the entire Windows Partition on an external drive. After restoring a backup, the bootscreen was Vista style. This happened due to an improper setting of WinClone.

    With your help, it was quite easy to restore the bootscreen with the proper Windows 7 style.

    Thank you very much!

  • johnny

    bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-US worked for me

  • Blind EAGLE

    by the way those commands didnt work for me at all.

    i installed my win7 from my dvd at labtop toshiba by upgrading from vista and the logo work.

    my friend has the same copy and install win7 beside win xp (multiboot)and guess wat , the logo working.

    i install it at my pc as clean install and i have that silly red dot

    my friend buy different copy of win7 and install it clean install and he see red dot as me even so my pc and my friend had higher specs than the labtop and the other pc.

    so wat i found from this mess is that if u install win7 clean installation u will get stupid red dot.

    the logo is so cool it desirve to work hard for it

  • Blind EAGLE

    i think i somehow fix that

    i was have that red dot at start up (which refer to the start of the animation ) then by chance i was installing daemon tools lite ,daemon must first install that old driver (SPTD or something)then restart pc then i found the animation appear for first time but not completed it hang before it finish (its better than nothing huh)

    so u just install that stupid app "daemon tools lite (mine was v4.304) and enjoy the animation or at least part of it


  • Martin

    I think I found something as MS seem to be limited display size during boot up when I plugged DVI HDMI from PC to 40" LCD TV and it was Vista old green bard at 1280 x 720 so that may cause problems and i take off and plug the DVI <. D-SUB (can work DVIDVI) at 1024×[email protected] that bought back the Win 7 own logo. I noticed my own system as the boot up was 1024×720 and then change to 1920x1080p when the Log-on screen came up so think its the display size that MS may have limited for Win 7 logo and if detect large display size then it will change to Vista green bar as the BCDedit cannot do anything about – you need is change the display size during boot up which recommend is 1024×720.

    I got it back all right as I spend 2 days to find it. if you use HDMI or more than display size which MS limited then you wont get Win 7 Logo bootup screen

  • unruled

    win7 recovery disc (RTM) gave me a vista bootloader.. really weird. :/

  • alex

    this did not work for me…. vista boot screen sucks

  • Espen

    "bcdboot %WinDir% /l en-EN" (English) worked for me, thank you very much!!!

    My issue was that I had a completely black splash screen, but the command I mentioned fixed it! Thanks!

  • Andrew McNaughton

    This will not help people who have a boot resolution of less than 768 horizontal lines. Microsoft decides to limit the animation to a fixed minimum boot resolution of 1024×768. So if you have a modern widescreen display at 1280×720 during boot then you will be excluded from the new boot animation party and will see the fugly Vista earthworm. Sometimes I just think Microsoft engineering is full of people with learning difficulties and social disfunctions. They also seem to be stuck in a timewarp where it's still 1999 where they are.

    I use an HDTV as my main display and unfortunately my VGA card's BIOS has it boot at 1280×720. It isn't until the proper VGA driver loads that the resolution goes up to 1920×1080 and that's after the boot animation.

    I hope someone discovers how to hack this limitation. There must be a file or registry entry which controls this and surely we'll be able to tweak it.

  • GIuliano

    it doesn't work…

    Tried both commands in elevated mode but nothing happens, nothing…

  • worked like a charm

    had problem with windows 7 boot up

    used the vista repair cd and windows 7 loading screen was like vista


  • Raiden

    is there any way to repair the boot screen without being able to boot windows 7. I have Win XP and Windows 7 on the same computer and i tried to install a custom boot screen. Now it wont boot. ohh and to top things off i dont have the iso for Win 7 anymore (installed it wiht flash drive).

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  • Chris

    Again, further to my last comment. Its hit and miss.

    I've lost the Windows 7 animation again.

    I'm wondering if its just not possible to keep the animation on a dual boot system? Seems to remove it for whatever reason.

    This is on my Samsung NC10 netbook by the way.


  • Chris

    Further to my previous comment, I stand corrected. It took THREE restarts, but it did actually work. Applied first command, and restarted. No change. Applied second command, and restarted. No change. Restarted again – voilà!

    Many thanks.

  • Chris

    This did not work for me. Tried both commands. Ran Command Prompt elevated to administrator. Thanks for trying though.

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