The HTC Evo 4G Android phone can be set to vibrate when receiving a SMS or MMS text message, whether it’s in vibrate mode, ringing mode or silent mode. However, the smartphone does not vibrate when user is opening a message thread for reading or replying. Instead, only audible tone is sounded.

Note that the Android phone does not vibrate issue happens even when user has checked and selected the option inside Messaging Settings to vibrate when display notification to users when SMS or MMS text message is arriving or been received.

In order to fix the HTC Evo 4G Android phone no vibration when receiving SMS or MMS, try the following tricks:

Method 1: Disable Vibration and Enable Vibration Again

In Messaging, hit Menu button to go into Settings. Then uncheck (untick) the check box of Vibrate under “Notification settings”, and then recheck (retick) the Vibrate check box. Reboot the phone.

Method 2: Set Vibrate via Sound Manager

If the method above does not work, try the following workaround instead:

Launch Android Market, and download and install Sound Manager. After installing, open the Sound Manager app, hit Menu button, and then go to Vibrate Settings. Under Notifications, check (tick) the Vibrate whenever possible check box.

Once the setting is set, the Sound Manager app can be uninstalled without affecting the vibration functionality.