When saving an image using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), the IE browser may or may not “remember” or “save” the full path or location to the folder which the image or picture was last saved to, within the same IE browsing session, especially when there are many tabs been opened or closed. Normally, IE will always remember the directory that user saves an image to until the user exit or close all IE browser’s window frame completely.

In IE8, IE can and will automatically direct the Save Picture dialog box to open the directory that last image or picture was saved to if it’s web page which image is displayed in on the same tab with previous saved picture. However, IE may revert back to default saving folder when user attempts to save an image or picture on another tab, and requiring user to navigate to or enter the full path to the desired saving location again.

Apparently, the problem only exists for IE when user trying to save a image or picture such as JPG (JPEG) or GIF. IE doesn’t retain or remember the save as path. The problem is due to the fact that IE8 now uses a mechanism called Loosely Coupled IE (LCIE) that creates a host-process & separate sub-processes for tabs. Thus, the setting saved in one tab may not be retained and carried over to another tab, especially new tab (another process).

To fix the IE 8 cannot or unable retain the Save As path error, one easy workaround is to force all IE processes and instances to run under one iexplore.exe process, with TabProcGrowth registry key at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. The recommended value data for TabProcGrowth is 0 where only 1 process is allowed to launch, thus eliminating the problem of save path reset. Check out the full guide to use TabProcGrowth to limit number of IE8 processes.