Some users running 32-bit (x86) version of Windows 7 may face error where computer does not start up or cannot boot up again after computer is forced shut down. When user tries to restart the computer, the startup process stops at a black screen which infamously known as Black Screen of Death (BSoD).

Computer is considered as forced shutdown when user presses the physical Power button on desktop or notebook computer to turn off the PC without properly shutdown the operating system via Start Menu Power Menu. Sudden shutdown can also happens when electricity is cut off, such as in the case of electricity current trip out or electrical power failure and outage.

The Windows 7 unable to start or boot up error may also happen in a rare scenario where the power goes off when the computer is entering hibernation, especially in desktop computer where computer is entering sleep mode when the power button is pressed because hybrid sleep is enabled by default.

The Windows 7 does not start problem occurs because of the following conditions:

  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is disabled either in the BIOS or in the operating system.
  • The system is configured to enter hibernation or to enter hybrid sleep mode when the power button is pressed.
  • The language version of the operating system that you are running is a double-byte character set (DBCS) language. For example, you are running a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese version of Windows 7 on the computer.

Microsoft’s KB974719 provides a workaround to resolve the issue. Just insert a Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008 installation DVD into the optical drive, and boot up the computer by using the DVD-drive. Then, reboot and start the computer in normal mode. For user who has a a Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) disc for Windows 7, it’s also possible to use the WinPE disc to start the computer.

To avoid and prevent the problem from reoccurring, download and apply the following KB974719 hotfix update package to fix and patch the OS: