The use of Cookies is mainly to identify users and possibly prepare customized webpages for them. However, many computer users do not really have any idea how many Cookies – tiny data packets – are actually left on their computer after visiting a certain website.

Of course, these cookies are useful towards a certain extent, but they also gather sensitive information. Cookies can be easily deleted or blocked in most of the web browsers. But some security experts are worried about a new class of cookies that use popular flash players to transfer data, bypassing most website browser controls. These cookies can track any webpages visited by the computer users and which products have wide appeal. The information gathered can be used by marketing strategists to build up their user profiles. Flash Player is always used on site with videos, such as YouTube, PornoTube, etc.

Users who want to prevent this need to right-click when they use browsers enabled with Flash players to specify how much data the Flash Player can store. Users can also read more from a special website created by Adobe on how to shut down completely Flash Cookies.