Flight delay seems to be a nightmare term for travelers especially businessmen who are flying in for a multimillion business meeting. It can affect their plans significantly and mess up their tight schedule. Flight delay is mainly due to airline problems such as mechanical failure, picketing crew, air-traffic congestion, bad weather, etc. Whatever the reason is, flight delay will create inconvenience to passengers and cause great discomfort to babies and the elderly, in particular. Thanks to Google now, travelers and users are now able to check the status of a flight by using the Google search engine.

Google recently rolled out a search feature which updates information from FlightStats to allow users to check whether a flight is on time or delayed. Users are also able to check the departure and arrival times by just typing in the airline name and flight number into the Google Search bar.

Here is a quick example for a specific flight.

Users need to type the Airline name and flight number

Users also can type the Airline Code and flight number

This convenient flight tracking tool by Google allows travelers to have knowledge about their trips at their fingertips. Travelers can plan and control their journeys better and minimize the damage to their business or holidays due to delays. Airlines also will have less angry and frustrated passengers in their hands while information can be disseminated efficiently via the Net. But beware of hackers who may play havoc to the system and create more problems to undermine travel plans and flight safety.

Users also can use Web Applications to track the delayed flights. Read More.