There’s been a lot of hype behind Flock – especially within tech communities. At this point, even the average person might have heard the name “Flock” but not known exactly what it was all about.

Flock is a web browser, like Safari or Internet Explorer, but with a big difference. Flock is considered a “social browser” because it integrates blogging, photo sharing with Flickr or Photobucket, “favorites” (a.k.a. bookmarks) using or Shadows, and other collaborative features with communities throughout the Internet. It is these social features that have gotten people so excited about Flock.

Flock is primarily focused on supporting the social dimension of the web, and on bringing information closer to the user. Right now this includes a heavy emphasis on the photo experience (from upload through discovery to notification), RSS support, dramatic improvements to the search box (including a new take on favorites), and blogging.

Some people may chose to only surf the Internet and not contribute content. However others who like to upload videos to YouTube, have a page on Myspace or like to blog will love a “social browser” like Flock. Using Flock basically turns your web browser into a broadcast tool.

Have you had enough of Internet Explorer? Looking to go beyond FireFox? Want to give back to the Internet? Give Flock a try. It’s a free download from