The company that offers “voice technology solutions” for mobile phone and wireless devices, Fonix Speech has announced a voice activated application for new iPhone 3G – Fonix iSpeak, which enables users to initiate several operations including voice-activated dialing and music navigation by speaking the command in natural language.

“The powerful and dynamic tools provided by Apple have allowed the Fonix team to quickly and efficiently develop Fonix iSpeak for the Apple iPhone 3G,” said D. Lynn Shepherd, Fonix Sr. VP product engineering. “The feature rich iPhone is easy to use and our robust embedded speech interface will further create a positive and natural user-friendly environment which will further illustrate the dynamic features of this phone.”

According to the company, “Fonix iSpeak, includes a run-time engine that sits on the phone allowing users to interact with the personal contents of their Apple iPhone. Unlike other voice applets that enable voice search of the Internet by sending commands over the airwaves, this client-side application gives users the power of voice interaction with their personal content and eliminates network latency.”