Mozilla Firefox browser has a built-in search box that automatically generate and display web search results using selected search engine, which by default is Google. The search results will be shown on the active and currently displayed tab. Firefox does have a preference that can be set to instruct Firefox to open all search originated search results page from search box to open in new blank tab.

To open search box results listing page in new and blank tab, do the following hack:

  1. Type about:config into the URL Location Bar of Firefox.
  2. Locate for preference name.
  3. Change the default value to true by double clicking on the line. By default the original value should be “false”.
  4. The change will take effect immediately.

For user with Google Toolbar, it’s also possible to configure Google Toolbar Search Box Settings to Open search results in a new tab, and then enable the Replace Firefox search box or Replace Firefox search box and hide Toolbar layout.