Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) is probably the next best search ads marketing service available after Google AdWords. Previously known as Overture, YSM provides keyword-based “pay per click” (CPC) or “Sponsored Search” Internet advertising service. Although less popular, Yahoo! Search Marketing is good alternative to Google AdWords, especially when now advertisers can receive $100 credit coupon in free clicks.

Yahoo! Sponsored Search Marketing

By default, Yahoo! Search Marketing is giving away free $25 credit for clicks on ads when new advertiser is signing up with YSM. With the following coupon codes, interested advertiser can quadruple the free clicks dollar value to $100.

To receive the free $100 credit in search ads clicks, just register and sign up for a Yahoo! Search Marketing account using one of the following links with coupon codes:

Important: The offers have expired.


Advertiser can choose to signup for Self Serve for full free $100 credit into the account, or Assisted Setup service where new advertiser will receive $100 off the $199 service charge, making the effective rate of just $99.

Note that the free $100 offer is opened to new Sponsored Search advertisers in the US market only. (A new advertiser is one who has not advertised with Yahoo! Search Marketing for the past 13 months). Each account requires a nonrefundable $30 initial deposit payable by credit card. After completing the registration, the $100 credit shall be credited into the account after two or three days.