RecycleBankRecycleBank is a rewards company that focused on recycling rewards. Users earn RecycleBank Points by recycling through supported local haulers and waste processors. Recycle Bank Points are awarded and issued based on the measurement of the amount of materials or resources recycled. And the RecycleBank Points can be used and redeemed at thousands of participating local, regional and national partner stores.

However, the rewards points from RecycleBank is not necessary can be earned via recycle the trashes and wastes only. By signing up for a RecycleBank account with the following steps, user can gain a free 150 points too.

  1. Sign up for a RecycleBank account at
  2. After registering and account setup, user should have a 100 bonus sign-up points. Then, login to the RecycleBank account.
  3. Enter the following promo code:


    With the coupon code, user will be awarded additional 150 points for free, making a total of 150 points.

With 150 RecycleBank points, there are many items, services, coupons, vouchers and products which user can spend and redeem the points on.