HumyoIf 2GB online free backup storage space by Mozy is not enough for you, then try out Humyo provides 30 GB (gigabytes) of free online storage space which can be used to backup user files. Of 30GB disk space, 25GB is reserved for photos, music and videos which likely to use bigger part of the free space anyway, while 5GB can be used to store other files.

Humyo has four key pillars of features, i.e. Store, Send, Access and Publish. With Humyo file manager, it will automatically synchronize, backup and upload files to Humyo secure, fully backup servers clusters in the background. The files hosted by Humyo centrally online and can be accessed from anywhere such as any computer or mobile cell phone with a Internet connection. The uploaded files can be sent to friends for sharing via email with recall or revoke sharing support. Or user can choose to publish the files or media on the web using Humyo embedded media player to stream your photos, music and videos to visitors.

Unfortunately, the Humyo desktop client that automatically backup data, synchronize multiple PCs, work as is virtual hard disk is only available for premium account users. Humyo premium account costs $59.99 for first year and $79.99 subsequently that provides 100 GB of free storage space with no limitation only file types to upload. Premium users also get to transfer files to and from Humyo space using 256-bit SSL encryption, no branding on published media, and no files will ever get deleted even though you never login for more than 90 days.

Sign up for free Humyo account with 30 GB free storage space here.