FotoliaXT is a QuarkExpress XTension that links QuarkXPress design and page layout software directly to Fotolia, one of the largest image bank or microstock photography company in the world that provides free and affordable royalty-free photos and illustrations in any medium, web or print. Some of Fotolia competitors, such as iStockPhoto is giving away free 5 credits.


For users who prefer Fotolia service, now it’s possible to get 7 Fotolia credits worth $7 for free, through FotoliaXT. The free 7 credits on Fotolia promotion looks like it’s not a joint promotion between Fotolia and FotoliaXT, but rather an effort to increase affiliation recruitment by FotoliaXT who hopes to earn and receie rewards on the purchases and sales of the registered active affiliates using Fotolia service.

To receive and grab the 7 free Fotolia credits, simply register for an Fotolia account through FotoliaXT sign up page (offer expired) Fotolia sign-up page (aff and no free credits). The credits is added into your account immediately, though it’s in pending status waiting to be validated. There is no need to download and install FotoliaXT extension. This offer expires at July 31, 2008.

Free 7 Credits in Fotolia Account by FotoliaXT

Some tips:

  1. If you not happy about giving FotoliaXT commission earning every time you purchase or sell stock photos, go to sign up (aff) for a completely new Fotolia account, and then transfer the points/credits over.
  2. If you wish to reward My Digital Life, sign up through this Fotolia free sign up link (aff).
  3. If you have multiple email account, such as using and, it’s possible to sign up and receive free 7 credits for multiple times, and then consolidate all the credits in one Fotolia account by transferring the credits.