BufferZone Pro, developed by Trustware, is a comprehensive, high-performance security application which is designed for protection against Internet threats, thanks to the separate area (virtual zone) that able to isolate security threats, providing users unlimited freedom to surf and download safely in a virtual zone.

“Does your computer seem slow and unresponsive? It’s almost certainly not operating at top performance because of malware/spyware attacks,” commented Jim Penosky, CEO of Trustware. “Anti-virus programs are not enough to truly protect your computer-they sweep for infections after they’ve already taken root and already damaged your computer whereas BufferZone Pro proactively isolates threats from your information.

Key features of BufferZone Pro:

  • Safely use all web browsers in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • Safely chat with all IM programs in a virtual zone (separate environment)
  • Safely share with all P2P applications without fear inside the virtualized zone
  • Safely use all USB devices in an isolated zone
  • No limitation on number of trusted websites in Privacy Zone
  • Lock your private files and directories (in a confidential folder) into a trusted environment
  • Take a “snapshot” of your Virtual Zone configuration for one- step restore

BufferZone Pro normally priced at $39.95 per 1-year license. As part of Trustware’s holidays promotion offer, the company is giving away free copies of BufferZone Pro (full version) to the interested users. This time-limited giveaway offer will be expired at 6 a.m. (PST), January 1, 2011.

To enjoy a free full version of BufferZone Pro, you just need to download the BufferZone Pro version 3.41 setup installer: BufferZoneProFree.msi.

No product key, serial number or registration code required. The setup installer automatically install fully activated and full featured BufferZone Pro.

Trustware’s BufferZone Pro is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Windows Vista OS.