Stanford University, one of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions from California, United States, is now offering a series of 10 free online computer science (CS) and electrical engineering (EE) courses to students and even educators worldwide who are keen to improve themselves and learn more. This free CS and EE courses cover introduction to computer science, introduction to artificial intelligence and robotics, etc. These free courses are offered by Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) and learners who join the programs will have access to handouts, assignments, tutorials, video lectures, assessments and transcripts online.

However, these online students are not eligible to receive Stanford credits, unlike Stanford enrolled students. While they can communicate online with other SEE students, they have no direct communication either with Stanford’s professors or academic staff.

Why has Stanford chosen to make courses available for free? Stanford University spokesperson explained that the university and the School of Engineering want to live up to its mission of enabling technology transfer to reach a wide public. Research and teaching via SEE is one of the best approaches to achieve this mission. Users who are interested on this free courses offered by the prestigious university can read the detailed FAQ here. The course outlines are as follow:

Introduction to Computer Science:
o Programming Methodology — CS106A
o Programming Abstractions — CS106B
o Programming Paradigms — CS107
Artificial Intelligence:
o Introduction to Robotics — CS223A
o Natural Language Processing — CS224N
o Machine Learning — CS229
Linear Systems and Optimization:
o The Fourier Transform and its Applications — EE261
o Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems — EE263
o Convex Optimization I — EE364A
o Convex Optimization II — EE364B

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