If you are heavy metal lovers and you like those thick, massive sound amplified with emphatic beats, then you should not miss out the free download for the Best of Nuclear Blast: 20th Anniversary Compilation offered by Amazon for a limited time.

Best of Nuclear Blast: 20th Anniversary Compilation is a compilation of great metal music by famous metal artists such as Canadian death metal brand Kataklysm, American thrash metal band Testament, American metal band Arsis, Meshuggah, Equilibrium and Exodus. Since CD’s nowadays are so expensive and this offer is absolutely free, what is there to lose?

The list of heavy metal hits is summarised as follows: –
1. Taking the World by Storm, Kataklysm
2. Chains of Power, Kataklysm
3. Blut Im Auge, Equilibrium
4. More Than Meets The Eye, Testament
5. The Formation of Damnation, Testament
6. We Are the Nightmare, Arsis
7. Shattering the Spell, Arsis
8. Bleed, Meshuggah
9. Riot Act, Exodus
10. The Atrocity Exhibition, Exodus