You need antivirus software to be installed in your computer for security reasons but at the same time worry the antivirus software would consume a lot of your computer’s resources and significantly slow down the computer’sperformance. To resolve you dilemma and get your computer protected without compromising its performance, the security expert, Panda, has introduced the industry’s first cloud based antivirus to consumers called Panda Cloud Antivirus.

Termed as “cloud” antivirus, the new Panda Cloud Antivirus actually uses the centralization concept to perform security updates and scanning. Under this working concept, users need to download and install a small pop-up dashboard from Panda Cloud Antivirus. The dashboard will connect users’ PC to Panda’s data center and perform the standard antivirus features, e.g. scanning, monitoring, etc. The data center will monitor if there is any suspicious files connected to users’ computer. The data center will only take action on the suspicious file if the file causes any unauthorized program to be executed in the computer. Since the entire scanning and monitoring process is run within the data center (the cloud) and the local computer is only functioning as client agent, the consumption of overall system resources is reduced significantly; approximately 50% of the PC’s performance is unaffected compared to the industry average.

The Panda Cloud Antivirus will only function effectively if the internet connection is good and active. If the internet connection is cut off, users can still use a cache of data kept in the computer to perform the scanning. However, this is not an advisable move according to Panda because the cache is only a small sub-set of the information used for scanning compared to its online servers.

The new Panda Cloud Antivirus takes Panda 3 years to develop. Users who want to enjoy this free online virus protection can get a copy of Panda Cloud Antivirus by following these steps:

Logon to Panda Cloud Antivirus

Users are required to enter their email address for a free license activation code.

Users can now download the free application via the link here.