Windows 7 offers users quick access to the most recent files and folders users have visited in general. However, Windows 7 doesn’t empower users to monitor a particular directory or offer quick access to recently modified files of that particular directory. In the event users want to identify recently downloaded files in the download directory, for instance, or have quick access to recently modified files stored in that directory, Piles for Windows from Dragonshorn Studios will be quite useful.

Piles for Windows is based on the excellent idea of Stacks for Mac OS X but implemented in Windows 7. The program is fully integrated with Windows Explorer and technically serves as a directory monitor that displays and lists the most recent files of the directory accessed by. Once it is installed, users will notice a new Piles for Windows icon added on the Windows 7 taskbar. By default, the Piles for Windows icon is linked to the “My Document” folder. Users can view all the most recently modified or altered files in the My Document folder when they click on this icon. Users are free to add in any new target directory by just right clicking on the icon to create a new pile. Users can watch the program in action in the demo video below:

Piles for Windows allows users to quick access and quick open changed files as well as the whole directory. This application is free but it only supports Windows 7. Users need to install .NET Framework 3.5+ to run the application. Download Piles for Windows via the link here.