There is more and more sites that giveaway free full version game regularly, complete with a genuine, valid and legitimate unlock code or license key, as a carrot to entice gamers and players to the gaming sites to purchase more premium games. In addition to GameHouse with gives away free ad-supported games everyday, Sandlot Games is also giving away free games, albeit only one game per week.

Sandlot Games is a casual and family-friendly games developer and publisher based in Bothell, Washington, United States. The games portfolio of Sandlot Games includes of popular franchises like Cake Mania, Westward, Kuros, and Tradewinds. Most of the games distributed by Sandlot Games are downloadable PC games, but it does offer other titles for Mac, iPhone, iPod, Wii, and PSP.

The free game of the week promotion at Sandlot Games runs from Monday to Sunday. So players and gamers who interested to get the game have one week to download and “purchase” the game for free. On every Monday, Sandlot Games will list a new free game of the week available for download.

The free game of the week at Sandlot Games is advertised on the homepage at

Free Game of the Week at Sandlot Games

To receive your activation code for the free Game of the Week, freebie grabber has to complete the checkout process, where free account at Sandlot Games required. Once finished, download the game to your machine and unlock it with the activation code provided.