If you do a lot of searches online and would like to try using voice search, a free add-on for Chrome might pique your interest. This extension for Chrome Google allows you to voice your search terms instead of keying them in. This might slow down the search process for some users but it could also prove to be more fun. A microphone is needed for the extension to work. A microphone icon will appear and users just need to click on that and say the search terms.

Voice Search does not just support searches on Google but also YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Wolfram Alpha by default. For instance, users can say ‘YouTube 2011 New Year Celebrations’ and find the latest videos on the firework displays. Or users could say ‘Wikipedia Ferrari’ and find information on the carmaker in the online encyclopedia. Users can also add their own search engines not in the default list for their searches. The extension, Voice Search, is still at the experimental stage and users may have to add enable-voice-input as well as say their search terms clearly and audibly for the add-on to work.