Dopod International, a leading PDA phone and smartphone company has unveiled its best selling product, Dopod D810 PDA phone has been added with another useful feature – a GPS (Global Positioning System) application – for free!

sc001.jpgThe 150g D810 PDA phone has received very good response from many consumers since it was launched last year. This is mainly due to its 3.5G high-speed connectivity support and useful phone features. With the additional GPS solution, users will be able to utilize the smartphone better. Since this phone comes embedded with the Qualcomm MSM6275 GPS chipset, all users need to do is download the ROM code from Dopod and “flash” the code onto this device in order to activate the GPS receiver. Even though it has been activated, users still need to purchase their suitable mapping software to be used with the GPS receiver. For instance, D810 also supports the photo GPS mode; users can use the built-in 2-megapizel camera to snap a location and the image will be embedded with the GPS coordinates along with information about date and time. However users need to purchase compatible the GPS Map software that can allow users to enjoy photo navigation and use the map software to direct them to their destination.

This feature is useful especially you want to tell your friends some destination, e.g. your house. You can direct them to your house by sending them the photo via email or MMS and they can easily reach your place using their GPS device.

D810 is installed with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0; Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Reader (PDF), IE Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, PocketMSN, Network Wizard, Sprite Backup, Cyberon Voice Commander, Activesync, Comm Mgr, Internet Sharing, CE-Star (via web download). It also supports quadband GSM and EDGE connectively. It has a 360 degree scroll wheel, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared and a miniSD card slot. With all these features, it only costs you about USD850.