There are various ways to store, back up and share huge files. You can save or back up the files into a pen drive, a DVD or a portable hard drive and pass it to others physically to copy and share. Alternately, you can upload your files to some hosting service providers and get other to download them. The aforesaid could be quite common ways for many users. Having said that, there are many practical problems, for instance, how to pass the physically saved data to others if the other parties are overseas or somewhere else; uploading to hosting service sites will cost you some money, etc. If these problems are upsetting or troubling you, perhaps you should give a try to this interesting service called OpenDrive.

OpenDrive is a remote drive for your computer that offers you up to 100GB, an incredible size, to store, back up and share files from your computer on the internet. You can upload, save and back up huge files to this remote drive directly from your system without any web browsers. You can drag and drop or copy and paste any file like you used to do with your local drive. The files that are stored in your OpenDrive account can be easily shared with other parties once you have added them as authorized people to share the files. Besides, these people also need to be OpenDrive users in order for them to share your files. OpenDrive also gives you to access your own account via any net-enabled device at its site.

Some users might probably be concerned about security issues over this sharing method. Files that are stored and shared in OpenDrive might be exposed to virus attack, data theft, etc. OpenDrive has tackled this issue by assuring users of its privacy policy. Nevertheless, policy is just a policy and realistically users still need to accept the possibility of security threat.

OpenDrive has released its latest version 1.1 for Windows XP and Vista users. Unfortunately there is no version for Mac users. Currently OpenDrive is offering users the opportunity to sign up for a public beta account. The registered users to this account can enjoy up to 1GB free remote drive size. However, users will be charged approximately $1 per GB annually, up to 100GB, for any additional utilization of drive space.

OpenDrive Screen Cast