Language is a skill which will come in handy whatever you do or wherever you go. It is a valuable asset in any job or situation. There are 6,912 languages spoken all over the world today. You will never learn them all! The most widely used language is undoubtedly English. But there are 873 million native Mandarin speakers, 322 million native Spanish speakers followed by 309 million English speakers.

If you want to pick up free language skills, there is no better place than the net. Check out these websites for free tutorials and lessons at your convenience:

If you learn best through quizzes, tests and crosswords, this free email course is for you. Lessons are sent to you weekly for you to complete at your own pace. The best thing is answers will be posted to you a few days later – useful for those who are tempted to cheat. Go to EnglishLearner.

Learn the basics of Mandarin by listening to the pronunciation. Meaning in Mandarin is distinguished by slight differences in intonation, so the audio facility is very practical and useful. China has the biggest population and potential market in the world, so knowing Mandarin will boost your career prospects tremendously. Visit ChineseTool to practise on topics for the beginner like greetings, introductions, numbers, and names.

It is easy to register and learn at this website which offers free online language lessons. Learn the language as well as the culture about how to order food at a restaurant, greet each other and request for services at the bank. You can also listen to the pronunciation of Japanese words. The dialogues and lessons are pitched introductory or Beginner level. Access this popular website.

These are some of the free interactive websites which make language learning easy and fun. Try out the activities and exercises to upgrade your language skills.