What is better than escaping into a world of fantasy where “one ring binds them all” and good triumphs over evil in the magnificent Lord of the Rings Online? Well, to play it for free in the real world! Warner Bros, the new owner of all Lord of the Rings games is giving gamers the opportunity to play the online game for free up to Level 50. If the game is so addictive that gamers wish to play on, they’ll have to purchase extra character slots, premium items, etc from the LOTRO store.

LOTR fans also have the option of becoming a LOTRO VIP by paying a certain amount to get unlimited access to all premium content as well as five character slots, a shared bank slot and priority server access. Warner Bros hopes that everyone can lay their hands on the game and thus increase its demand and popularity. The game is in its beta version and interested players can sign up on the official LOTRO website beginning June 16.