We have introduced some fun and free software as well as web sites for children’s development a couple of weeks ago. Besides kids, there are also web sites for teachers, tutors and trainers in the education industry where they can share their lesson plans online. The resources in these web sites are freely available to the general public. No fees, no registration, no private information to access these sites.

Owned by Asia Society, an international organization dedicated to strengthening relationships and deepening understanding amongst the peoples of Asia and the United States, ASKASIA is an online resource that features scholarly contents about Asia and US-Asia relations; expert K-12 teaching and learning strategies; and useful learning resources, such as maps, photographs, art images, glossaries, timelines and more. It offers three viewing options: for teachers who are seeking for lesson plan materials, for students looking for help with homework and for those who are just surfing online. The topics available in this website are wide. The materials are contributed by educators and private companies. AskAsia is free and provides easy search for material.

The next huge searchable database is GEM, a US Education Department’s project. This website offers all sorts of lesson plans, education materials and useful information. The materials are designed by many different people, from education contents providers, to private companies, government agencies such as NASA, PBS, etc. It very user friendly to search and browse the database.

Created by the Information Institute of Syracuse, The Educator’s Reference Desk, is a gateway which offers directory links to over 3,000 quality education resources online, a database of more than 2,000 unique lessons plans written and submitted by teachers in US, and a question archive of over 200 popular discussions regarding education practice, theory and research. This site is free and it has a very user friendly search engine.

The above three resources are absolutely free. It offers help to those who need it. If you have good materials to be shared, please do not hesitate to contribute to these sites. With your contribution, more and more teaching-learning materials will be available and more and more people will benefit from them.