Paragon Drive Backup Personal is a software utility that enable user to easily recover and restore the system whenever disaster strikes. With Paragon Drive Backup, user can protects entire PC with reliable entire disk backup with Hot Backup or File-Level Backup, undo software malfunctions or crashes, restore operating systems and data on any type of hardware or even to a virtual machine with Professional Adaptive Restore, and safeguard data. It’s also possible to perform smart incremental backup to optimize storage utilization and maximize space.

Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Personal Edition (ref) costs $39.95 to purchase. As part of promotion with Click Manager, everybody can download and install Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Personal with a genuine serial product key for free.

To grab a free license of Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the following URL:

  2. Fill in the required first name, last name, email, and select your country, then click SUBMIT button.
  3. An email with product key / user name and serial number for Paragon Drive Backup 9 Click edition will be sent to the registered email address.
  4. Download the Paragon Drive Backup 9 Click Edition setup installer:

    32-bit: DB90_SE_x32.msi (mirror)
    64-bit: DB90_SE_x64.msi (mirror)

  5. Enter in the product key and the serial number during installation to activate the full version of Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal Edition, minus free updates, technical support and Advanced Recovery CD (based on Win PE 2.0).

Paragon Drive Backup 9 Personal Special Click Edition supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

Update: Free Paragon Drive Backup 9 Professional

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  • Joseph Klatt

    Where do I get the professional version from?

  • internetexplorer

    FWIW, notice on reg. page say offer has ended and not to contact their sales dept. for help

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  • Sexy hulk

    Yeah thanks mate,,,,useful site…

  • moby

    did you download form the link in #4,or download from paragon trialware? paragon trial ware will not work – use the link above and resubmit your request for serial via link above; use a different name if need to. this worked for me.

  • ITguy

    Trying to evaluate this SW, Serial number and product key sent to me after doing the above would not work. Kept getting Invalid Serial error.

    Tried to submit support request via manf website, and it kept erroring also and would not send report.

    Have sent e-mail to corporate, we will see if they respond and I will try to update this post with their response.

  • jason

    thank you so much