You might have some private and confidential files secretly stored in your office computer and you don’t welcome intrusive access into your system. You can log off when you step out of your workstation so that others cannot have access. Alternately, you can use this interesting application, BlockInput, to temporary block input to your computer so that the privacy of your files or computer is not jeopardised. This is especially useful if you only need to leave your workstation for a toilet break, to make a coffee, to photostat some documents, etc. Pressing the defined hotkeys will activate the application and the input devices to the computer will be locked. After a preset period, BlockInput will unlock itself and the keyboard and mouse will resume work.

BlockInput is a freeware for Windows only. Users can download the tiny application via the link here. Once it is installed, users can change the default key, “CTRL + Q” to their preferred hotkeys and decide on the “Delay” period. For instance, if you select “CTRL + B” and enter 10, then once you press “CTRL + B”, your keyboard, mouse and other input will be locked for 10 seconds. After the “Delay” period is over, the computer input devices will resume automatically.