Can you believe that a laptop is able to power up for over a month without the need of an adapter for recharging? Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant has demonstrated this capability with the development of new fuel cell prototype.

A fuel cell is a device that produces electricity by using chemical reaction. There are many types of fuel cells such as Metal hydride, Alkaline, Direct methanol fuel cell and etc with different characteristics. The common advantages are there are very efficient and environmental friendly as compared to other electricity generators.


Powered by the methanol-based fuel cell or a technology known as DMFC, Samsung Q35 model can run continuously without the need for recharging. It may looks slightly bulky with the attachment of a docking station on it at the initial stage, but the second stage development in progress that would able to make the fuel cell smaller and lighter for easy carrying. Some have even predicted that the use of fuel cell to power up smart phone or portable multimedia player is possible in near future.

Samsung claimed that the fuel cell product will be available by the end of 2007 in commercial market.