If you like to prevent yourself from surfing to malware infected websites, then you may try out G Data CloudSecurity free AV add-on. G Data CloudSecurity is a new and free AV add-on and add-in for popular Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser. The G Data CloudSecurity has been designed to instantly block access to known malware distribution and phishing websites during surfing. The add-on is compatible with all virus scanners and does not slow down the computer during surfing.

Features of the G Data CloudSecurity includes:

  • Compatible with all other security products.
  • Free add-on for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Prevents access to malware and phishing websites.
  • Install once – no updates required.
  • PC performance remains unaffected.
  • Deal supplement for free AV programs.

Users who are using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browser and wants the free add-on to protect their PCs from visiting the known malware distribution and phishing websites, download the G Data CloudSecurity from direct download link below.

Download G Data CloudSecurity: G_Data_CloudSecurity.exe