There are many methods that you can use to share files with a group of people such as Dropbox and Skydrive. These methods require you to upload files to a centralize server first, then only generate a shared URL and send to recipients which could be time consuming. Have you ever thought to share files directly from your computer to a group of people without going through these hassle steps? Now g2Peer has able to simplify the process by allowing you to share files from your computer directly using Gmail account.

g2Peer is a freeware and it treats each of the Gmail addresses as unique “IP address” for all computers with g2Peer installed. To share and receive files from computer, follow below steps:

Sender Computer
1. Download and install g2Peer.

2. Launch g2Peer, go to Tools -> Config, then enter your Gmail address and password, choose either POP3 or IMAP.


3. Go to File -> Change Status -> Online to change g2Peer status to online.

4. Add your friends’ gmail address to Share Folders list followed by map the folder you would like to share.


Receiver Computer
1. There are two methods you can download shared files from sender, by using g2Peer software or gmail account. Follow step 2-4 if you would like to use g2Peer to download shared files. Follow step 5-8 if you would like to use Gmail to download shared files.

2. Follow step 1–3 as mentioned above to have your computer configured with Gmail address with either POP3 or IMAP.


3. Enter sender Gmail address at Address field at g2Peer interface and wait a moment until a list of shared files are displayed.


4. Select any displayed files, then right click and choose Download.

5. Login to your Gmail account and go to Compose Mail, type the sender email address under To field. At Subject field, type ?_download, then click Send button.

6. After a while, you will receive a response email with subject similar with this format: {unique message ID}.{total size of spanned zip files}.{total number of spanned zip files}. Example: !_20090622225415421.2103219.1_download_Done.

7. Open the mail and download shared files via the link provided in the email content.

8. If you only want to list shared files, send to the sender with subject ?_list.

g2Peer is compatible to run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista with no special hardware requirements. To experiance it yourself, go and install it now.