The global leader in satellite navigation, Garmin has announced a free software update that helps drivers save money and fuel – ecoRoute, which able to suggest routes using “less fuel”, helping ease growing pressures on personal budgets and the environment.

“Many of the biggest challenges currently facing people around the world involve the economy and the environment,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales. “Using ecoRoute on your Garmin nüvi helps you be a smarter driver at a time when everyone is trying to make their paychecks and their gas tanks go the extra mile. As the global leader in satellite navigation, we embrace the opportunity to be the leader in fuel-efficient, eco-friendly navigation.”

According to Garmin, “In addition to ‘faster time’ and ‘shorter distance’ for route preference, ecoRoute lets nüvi users choose ‘less fuel’ as the best way to save gas and money. Through ecoRoute’s Fuel Report, Mileage Report and fuel-saving tips, drivers can focus on their fuel conservation even when they’re not behind the wheel. Fuel Report tracks fuel usage over time, and Mileage Report monitors mileage and fuel usage on a per-trip basis.”

Check Garmin’s official Web Site to find out whether your nüvi GPS device is compatible with free ecoRoute software update. Currently supported devices are nüvi 205-series and nüvi 705-series.