Sometimes it’s not just about what should you bring, but how in the hell you get there. If you’re like me (a guy) you can proabably make it from Point A to Point B in record time. The problem is, Point B is not actually your destination, but somewhere a mile or two from it. Now, I’ve been wanting a GPS for years but was concerned my wife thought it too expensive of a “toy.” So I did the next best thing… I bought her one for Christmas. (Kind of like Homer buying Marge a bowling ball) And the funny thing is, she has this amazing internal compass. She hardly ever needs the GPS, so it usually resides with me.

The Garmin Garmin Nuvi 360 does everything you want and more. The Bluetooth technology links seamlessly with your cell phone for handsfree conversations. Map and audio directions put you exactly where you want to go. It can also find restaurants by genre and distance, as well as lodging and gas stations. Did I mention it’s also an MP3 player? One of the coolest features is the optional up to date traffic reports. It automatically processes the information on your route, and takes you around the problem. Now, onto the city guide… not in your car, on foot. Once you’ve decided on your restaurant, museum, or Broadway Show, it’ll take you to the front door.

I’ve been using it for a little over a month and it works flawlessly. The touchscreen makes inputting destinations a snap. Due to the small size and many functions, I don’t ever see myself having to buy my wife another one… till next year.