Nowadays GPS devices have been widely used especially for turn-by-turn directions as it’s becoming more advances as compared to previously. The global leader satellite navigation, Garmin has announced its two new Oregon GPS devices which named as Oregon 450t and Oregon 450. These two outdoor devices have been designed to compatible with the online community at Garmin Connect and Garmin free Custom Maps utility for transferring paper or digital maps onto the compatible devices.

As compared to its predecessor, the Oregon 450 and 450t have been equipped with glove friendly touch interfaces that measure 3-inches across for improved navigation. The screen of devices is being designed to read in all conditions especially for outdoor activity. The difference between these two devices is the coverage details of the maps which Oregon 450t has been included topographic maps with major trials, urban and rural roads as well as lakes, rivers, and etc.

Furthermore, both of the devices provide users with geocaching, compass, stopwatch, elevation functions and support waypoints as well as routes. Additionally, the users also can customize the maps which used on the GPS unit with details, labels, and landmarks from existing paper or electronic maps.

The Oregon 450 and 450t have come with a pair of AA batteries that last for up to 16 hours. The Oregon 450 and 450t are expected to be available at the price of $400 and $450 respectively.