Previously we mentioned about Gecko Edubook released by NortTec four months back, now seems that the company is ready to release its tablet PC version running with Ubuntu Linux. Named as Gecko Info Pad, it is claimed to be the cheapest version of tablet PC that ever been built suitable for consumers that have budget constraint.

Some of the key features have been cloned from its nettop version and one of the most notable one include the direct power support with only 8 AA batteries, that can truly demonstrate its ultra low power besides supporting normal Lithium-ion battery pack to extend its battery lifetime by 50 percent. In terms of hardware specifications, Info Pad is powered by XCore 86 Vortex86MX SOC clocking at 1GHz, a very thermally efficient processor that can sustain power envelope of 1.2 Watts. Further back up with 1GB RAM, it is suitable for various applications especially those that require fanless and quiet environment in mobile computing. Some other interfaces include SD card slots, USB 2.0 host and 10/100 Ethernet ports and wireless 802.11b/g and Bluetooth (optional) technologies as well as some other legacy interfaces and all these are being packed into a tiny form factor equipped with 8.9-inch 1024 X 600 resolutions touch screen module.

Retailed at $300, the machine will be preloaded with Ubuntu Linux Operating System and will be available in commercial market by November this year.