Most of us would have experienced times when we visit a certain website for information or services and are requested to sign up and furnish our details especially email address. From experience, we know that giving away this information will cause our mailbox to be flushed with spam email. However, since we need to access the information, we have no choice but to give away our email address. Of course we can register a new spam-trap email address that works only for this purpose and discard it when we don’t need it. However, this is time consuming and troublesome. If you are facing this problem, you can try out some alternative ways including exploiting disposable email services such as Melt Mail.

Melt Mail is a disposable email service provider which will generate a disposable email address for users. Users can use this disposable email address for particular purposes within a specified period of time determined by users themselves, e.g. 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. After the specified time has lapsed, the disposable email address generated from Melt Mail will stop working. You need not be afraid then that your mailbox will be bombed with spam.

Melt Mail is a free web based service. It features a simple interface and is easy to use. Users who want to create a disposable email address can just visit Melt Mail, enter the real email address, specify the life span for the email and Melt Mail will generate a disposable email address for you. Email sent to this disposable email will be directed to users’ real email address. Once the specified period is over, the email address will be deleted and no forthcoming email will be forwarded to users’ real email account.