How to shoot your own photos while you are traveling alone? Perhaps you can set up a tripod and use a timer. But it is a bit troublesome and you may not be able to get the angle that you want. You can get help from a stranger, but you might be scared the stranger will run away with your camera. What are you going to do then?

You can try using this device, the Quick Pod, to help you. A telescoping wand with a camera mounted at one end, the Quick Pod adds about 18in to your reach and carries a diminutive curved mirror showing you roughly what the camera will see.

pod2.jpgWeighing less than 115g, Quick Pod is easy to carry along while traveling. It is collapsible to a pocket-size 7.5in. Priced at US$24.95, QuickPod comes with pocket and belt-loop clips and a carrying bag. Just pay an additional US$5 and you can get a Quick Pod Pro Plus with added legs and it can easily be turned into a small table-top tripod.

Quick Pod can be used for shooting in odd angles or shooting over the heads of a crowd. It is extremely useful and helpful for you to get good shots with your camera.