Still lurking around Internet for torrents to download Windows Vista with SP1 DVD media image and ways to activate Windows Vista as full version OS? Microsoft apparently is giving away a free full version product CD key for Windows Vista with SP1, together with its DVD media, ship to your home free of charge.

The Windows Vista SP1 giveaway is actually part of the Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 Desktop Deployment & Evaluation Kit, which consists of the following items:

  1. 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 1 (it mentions evaluation copy on the website, but the box (see photo below) exclude the term).
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 Professional 180 day trial.
  3. Desktop Deployment Toolkit.

Free Windows Vista with SP1 in Desktop Deployment & Evaluation Kit

Free Windows Vista with SP1 Installation DVD Media Disc
The Windows Vista with SP1 DVD Setup Installation Media Disc has the “Promotional Disc – Not For Resale” wording on it. Well, if the offer turns up to be a trial (mean no product key is included or only time limited serial product key is given), at least offer taker can get a free genuine and official Windows Vista SP1 DVD disc from Microsoft (together with genuine DVD of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional)

Register and request for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 with Desktop Deployment & Evaluation Kit to be shipped to your home address for free at the following URL. No shipping charge apply. Shipping address only valid in United States of America (USA).

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