Magazines give readers the latest info and news. A website that gathers 650 titles of magazine for easy browsing is a blessing for magazine lovers. Maggwire provides access to a list of free online magazines grouped into relevant categories as well as rate these titles for readers’ easy reference.

Readers have access to a long list of popular magazines through Maggwire’s free beta service. The interface for Maggwire is simple and user-friendly, organised around the most popular titles based on an intelligent system of ratings. Users need to select the category of magazine of their choice as well as the sub-category. Users can also narrow the search by specifying the time frame for the publication: today, this week, this month, or this year. A list of the most popular titles from that category will appear. Clicking on the title will link users directly to the magazine’s online page.

By grouping the most well-read magazine titles in one website, users not only get to access their favourite magazines according to subject but also compare their reading list against other similar mags. For users who have set up a user account with Maggwire, they can also share comments about a magazine, rate a publication, bookmark and share it with others, or hide it so that they can remove the magazines they do not favour from the list.

By housing popular titles of magazines in a website, users have the luxury of browsing and making their choices much like at the newsagent’s but much more conveniently and for free.