GetASFStream is a video recording and downloading program that let user record, rip and save the Windows Media ASF, ASX, WVX, WAX, WMV and WMA format streaming audio or video into a copy of video or audio media file on local PC. ASF or similar stream is normally used for live webcast or video-on-demand (VOD), radio stations, TV shows or movies broadcast, and other media delivery service. It’s possible to watch video stream or audio stream directly Windows Media Player, however, viewer cannot save a copy of video or audio media locally.

Best of all, GetASFStream is a freeware, and available for free download. GetASFStream can handle HTTP, MMS, RTSP (MS) Windows Media protocols. It also supports next generation TCP/IP protocol, IPv6, and allows user to set a custom user agent to used, such as Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1); Windows-Media-Player/; NSPlayer/; Winamp NSV Player/5.12 (ultravox/2.0); WinampMPEG/5.21 and MidRadio/ Win(ja). GetASFStream can also monitor Windows Clipboard to capture any URL copied to automatically start downloading the video stream.

GetASFStream is developed by Japanese programmers, so the original application user interface (UI) is in Japanese. However, an English UI has been added to GetASFStream by the developer.

Download GetASFStream Version getasfstream2206d4.exe

Future versions and updates can be found at (Babelfish Translated Version)

How to Use GetASFStream to Record and Save Streaming Media

After installing GetASFStream, run the GetASFStream. The GetASFStream program window will open.


On copying an streaming video URL into memory (Clipboard), GetASFStream will automatically detect the new URL and open a “URL REGIST” dialog box. Alternatively, just click on URL button to open the “URL REGIST” dialog box. Click on ADD button to download, record and save the video or audio streamed by the URL. Other configuration settings to bypass streaming source that restricted media to certain user agent, referrer or cookie are also available.

Download Streaming Media (Video and Audio) with GetASFStream

Once the URL is added to GetASFStream job list, click on RED (Record) button to start streaming. A program bar will show the actual downloading status. The file will be saved with ASF or WMV file extension in the C:\Program Files\GetASFStream\root folder. You can click on Open Folder icon to open the location in Windows Explorer, or Play icon to playback the file downloaded on PC. If you’re having problem with streaming, click on WMP button to try stream the URL in Windows Media Player.

GetASFStream Button Description