As an effort to ensure better quality product for end consumers, Gigabyte has just announced the plan to extend all its dual BIOS solution for all of its new next generation platform. The solution is not something new and the Taiwanese company has made this feature available in their high end motherboards back to 1999 but now there is a plan to implement this across their entry level and mainstream products.


DualBIOS technology deploys two physical BIOS chips solution in a single platform and whenever the primary BIOS chip doesn’t work, the backup BIOS will able to replace the primary BIOS in an attempt to bring the motherboard up for normal operation. All these happen without users’ intervention with zero downtime experienced by end users.

Besides, the company further emphasized that they are currently populating the best quality solid capacitors that appears to be another culprit for their returned boards. With these solutions in place, Gigabyte hopes to be able to distinguish themselves from other rivals in terms of better quality and reliability across all product ranges covering entry level and mainstream series.