The emergence of Gmail has dominated the free email service provider market for quite a number of years. Besides individual users, some corporate companies also use Google Mail as their organization’s main email service. However, Gmail’s leading status now probably will be challenged by a new free webmail service, Global Mail Exchange or GMX. GMX has received a pretty good response in its US Beta version. This new webmail service has gained more than 10 million supporters since it was launched under its US Beta Version.

GMX free web-based email service offers registered users a massive 5GB storage space and features advanced virus protection facilities to protect users’ account being attacked by viruses and spam. GMX comes with a user friendly interface where users can simply drag or drop their emails into various folders created. Another useful feature in GMX webmail is its mail collector feature. This feature allows users to consolidate their other webmail accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc under GMX’s umbrella. Users can send or receive email from these accounts via GMX. GMX also provides address book and organizer services. Users can use the organizer feature to record and keep track of all events or appointments. Unlike other webmail services, GMX offers registered users to enjoy more choices of free addresses. Users can choose their email address ending in “”, “” or “”. To get an GMX account, users can register a new account via the link here.