Google has again improved its Gmail service by providing a bevy of new emoticons for users to insert in their emails. Gmail users now can click on to the emoticon button that sits along the same row with other text editing buttons to insert some funny and related symbols. Just click on this, and users will find a huge drop-down selection of emoticons, icons, and other animations for them to choose from to convey their emotional content in the emails.

Literally, a picture tells a thousand words. An emoticon is always one of the efficacy ways to express the senders’ feelings and emotions. Unlike Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, etc, Gmail is a bit behind to make this “smiley faces” a key feature. Before this emoticon feature was added into Gmail, users who wanted to add emoticons to their emails need to find their own way, e.g. add and install scripts to Gmail.

This huge selection of emoticons has enhanced Gmail users’ experience tremendously. This colorful and funny emoticon feature currently only works in the latest version of Gmail, and it is available for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 browsers. Users can upgrade their browser to take advantage of this new feature in the event they want to enjoy it.