As a constant effort to enhance greater user experience, Google Labs has developed a new feature targeted for those users that would like to share photo images via email. Instead of sending them as attachment, now there is an option to add them directly into email contents so that the recipients can view them instantly inline with the description text for clearer communication.

To activate the feature, just browse to ‘setting’, followed by ‘Labs’ then enable ‘Inserting Images’. Once finished, users will notice an icon gmail appeared in the Gmail template that allows image insertion when composing a new message. Take note that it must be in Rich text mode or else the icon will not be displayed correctly. Under the image selection, users can choose to upload and insert images either from local computer drives or from URLs directly.

After the image is uploaded, there is a way to define the picture size by clicking on the image itself with selection of small, medium, large or kept in original size. Google Labs developer does appreciate feedback from users for continuous improvement to the feature set.