The well-known Internet giant, Google Inc. has announced its new powerful search product designed specifically for online retailers and e-commerce websites – Google Commerce Search. Google Commerce Search is a hosted, cloud-based enterprise search service which integrated with Google Analytics and Google Product Search, aiming to provide visitors an improved online shopping experience. Watch a demo video of Google Commerce Search below.

“We’re excited to bring Google Commerce Search to market in time for the holidays,” said Dave Girouard, president of Google Enterprise. “To date the technology powering retail website stores has not kept pace with innovation in search. Google Commerce Search will help customers find accurate results extremely fast, to the benefit of retailers and customers alike.”

Highlights Of Google Commerce Search:

  • Enable visitors to find the right products faster and easier
  • Filter results by category, price, brand or any other attributes
  • Built-in spellchecker and synonyms offer user-friendly, advanced spelling and synonym options
  • Increase website conversions and sales
  • Boost or promote specific products within search results
  • Deploy search solution in days, and scale effortlessly
  • Customize, track, and optimize performance

“Most sites today don’t have good search. Commerce Search includes rich stemming dictionaries,” said Nitin Mangtani, Product Manager for Google Enterprise Search Lead. “When you go to an e-commerce site, you might not enter the search term in exactly the way it is described by the retailers search catalog.”

“With Google Commerce Search, customers more easily find the specific products they’re looking for, and we’ve seen dramatic conversion improvement since implementation,” said Jeff Kilmer, COO of Birkenstock USA.

According to Google, footwear maker Birkenstock USA is the first customer officially using Google Commerce Search product. Pricing of Google Commerce Search is starting at $50,000 annually, based on the number of search queries, and number of products/items (SKUs) in data feed.