Directing customers to visit your office or business site is crucial in marketing your products or services. It might significantly affect your business if the directions to your business place is unclear or too vague. To assist businessmen particularly to post clearer directions to their business place in their websites, Google has rolled out a new service, Directions Gadget, which allows users to add customized Google Maps directions to their websites.

With Google’s Directions Gadget, users can save a lot of hassle in updating and preparing the directions to their sites. What they need to do is to use the service, pre-fill the destination (one or multiple addresses) at the “To” field, set the language and embed the gadget to their site.


Visitors or customers can thence fill in the “From” field and get the directions indicated in the Google Map. Users can view or print out the direction for easy reference.


For avoidance of doubt, the service also provides a list of suggestions for a more exact address in the event visitors enter a vague address.


Google’s Directions Gadget offers 23 languages in the service. It is pretty user-friendly for both webmasters and end users. End users which are customers or visitors in this context can enter either the ZIP code, address keyword or latitude-longitude coordinates to get the correct directions.