Google Earth for iPhone is now available for free download to use on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here’s a quick run through of its features and how to use the application on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

From the opening screen, GPS can be used to determine your location. Then, you can use Google’s search function to narrow down your destination. When the destination is fixed, Google Earth will use all of the iPhone’s multi-touch gestures to provide an interactive experience.

To switch to the horizon view, you can tilt the phone up or down. You can also make two-fingered circles and spin the landscape to your liking. Tapping on the compass in the upper right-hand corner of the screen realigns you northward. Use the iPhone’s pinch to zoom in and out or double-tap with one finger to zoom in, while zoom out with two fingers. Swiping a finger spins the globe around. It really does make you feel like the world is at your fingertips.

Moreover, the Google Earth is paired with Wikipedia that comes with eight million Panoramio geo-located photos. Touching location-specific icons, you can read up on your locale and check out some beautiful snaps. Google’s local search engine helps you to find specific businesses and then meshes with Google Maps to give you immediate directions.

Google Earth is a great addition to the App Store. It is useful for tourism and information hunting, and highly entertaining too. Lastly, it comes free. There’s no reason why you should not have it in your iPhone.