Nowadays GPS (Global Positioning System) is so popular among the mobile world. Almost all the high end mobile gadget has been integrated with built in GPS module to enable location tracking no matter where your location is. Ever wonder how you can get your own location even without the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) module? Now there is a way with the new positioning service introduced by Google. The new feature is brought to the end users if their mobile phones has the capability of loading with Google map.


When the Google map is first loaded, the users’ positions will appear on the screen. If the users feel that they are uncomfortable to being monitored, they have the option to turn off the service so that the mobile phone can only be used in traditional way. Other benefits are the users will not experience heavy current drain with shorter battery life as when the GPS module is being integrated into mobile gadget. Also, there is no limitation of signal loss under the roof like traditional GPS.

Few drawbacks, if you are looking for position accuracy of few meter range, then you will be disappointed. Typical GPS module can provide accuracy of less than five meters but the Google’s service has quite a huge tolerance of up to five kilometers radius. Just imagine if you are in the city drive, you won’t be able to identify the location precisely without leaving to another city.

Obviously, this is one of Google’s strategic moves towards mobile services. Although the service is available only in US and Europe now, I am hoping to get the trial in Asia Pacific countries once the service is in full swing.