Besides being one of the favorite collections for many antique collectors, old historic newspapers are an invaluable asset that contributes toward human’s civilization. Besides reporting the major events in the past, the changes in newspaper format, content, layout, editing method, title, etc from time to time commemorate the end of one era and symbolize the dramatic herald of a new era. Being the leader in the world of internet and search engine, Google has unveiled a new service, digitalized historic newspapers program, at TechCrunch 50.

Google revealed that it has started to digitize old editions from newspapers like Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, St. Petersburg Times, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, Today’s News-Herald, etc and built a new algorithm to locate them in Google News Archive. Users can search for these scanned pages and the search result will lead users to these historic newspapers with relevant terms highlighted. Google also highlighted that these print page results will include Google’s Adsense and there will be revenue-sharing deals for partner papers. While users can enjoy reading the historical newspaper in their original formats, partner papers can also enjoy an additional revenue sharing.